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I have delivered speeches to a wide variety of people since the day my accident happened. Whether it was being the commencement speaker at my college graduation ceremony, my former high school’s “Leadership Lock-In” program, or in front of large crowds in a business setting, I bring a passionate and inspiring story of how I have overcome great obstacles and provide a thought invoking discussion to how you can be positive and persevere in your own life. Being so young when the accident happened, at the age of only 16, I have had to mature much faster than most people my age in order to truly understand what happened. Because of this, I can speak to anyone and instantly connect with them and bring out the best of people.

I have a unique opportunity to be able to influence and motivate a lot of people in my life because of the journey I am on. I wants to take advantage of that and engage with anyone who is looking to listen and learn. Being able to speak with anyone, especially the youth, is something I truly love to do and can only hope to continue to be blessed enough to do it.

If you work at a school, are a part of a community or group, a sports organization, business, or anything else where you are looking to spark a fire to your group of people or students, fill out the form to the right and I will get in touch with you to set something up. Not only will you be getting an excellent speaker, you will be providing the group with something they will remember for a long time and hopefully can use in their own life to help overcome obstacles. Being positive is one of my biggest factors of why I am always making progress towards my goals, and I will bring that same energy and passion to you.

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