Logan Seelye's Book - 10 and 90: The Tackle That Changed Everything book cover

10 and 90

The Tackle That Changed Everything

At age 16, Logan Seelye had a dream: he was going to earn a football scholarship at a Division 1 football program and then, somehow, some way, he was going to win a spot on an NFL team. Then, wham! A spinal cord injury shattered that dream forever.

Rather than tumbling into depression, Logan lifted himself up and pursued new life goals and rewards. At his college graduation, he delivered the commencement address just a few yards from the spot of his accident. He married his
junior high school girlfriend, started a family, launched a career, and made a new vow: when his daughter got married he would walk her down the wedding aisle.

Today, Logan gives inspirational talks to people of all ages and backgrounds. His message? Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. Fueled by this spirit, anyone who has been knocked down in life can rise up again and find real joy and fulfillment.

10 and 90 is a moving and engaging story that shows the way.